Most. Rahenoor Bagum

Principal (Acting)
Monowara Nursing College

In the socio-economic context of Bangladesh, there is no alternative to creating health support manpower to deliver health services at the grass-roots level. One of the most important needs of the people in the state is health care. Ensuring health care is very important if the country is to be freed from poverty. That is why the government has formulated the National Health Policy, which aims to establish health care as a right for people of all strata of society in light of the constitution and international instruments. Over time, the world is changing, and people’s lives are changing. And a touch of modernity is coming to life. And along with this, the spread of new diseases is increasing by leaps and bounds. And people have to think a new about the treatment and prevention of this new disease. And we have to think about ways to get rid of the disease. The meaning of medical care has to change. Learning to adapt to changing circumstances is the challenge of the future. And Monowara Nursing College is working to play a special role in creating skilled health workers to meet this new challenge in the health sector.


Administrative Officer
Monowara Nursing College

Monowara Nursing College is one of the best nursing college in Thakurgaon district. Which was established in 2015 in the heart of Thakurgaon city. This College is approved by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the Nursing and Midwifery Council and affiliated with Rajshahi Medical University. It has become increasingly popular due to efficient management and academic advancement. Currently, 04-year B.Sc. in Nursing (Basic) and 03-year Diploma in Nursing Science and Midwifery and Diploma in Midwifery courses are running here. Now this days, Nursing is a noble profession. Welcome to Monowara Nursing College, where you can become a successful and skilled nurse. Monowara Nursing College is a modern and pleasant environment in the heart of Thakurgaon city. Our main goal is to create a group of skilled and highly qualified nurses in this College. Efficient management and excellent infrastructural facilities of this College and clinical training management with a pleasant environment and our own hostel facilities are our best aim to prepare our nursing students to face all the challenges of the future. I wish them all the best in their career endeavors to acquire knowledge to meet global economic challenges. I wish Monowara Nursing College continued success and prosperity.
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