Canada keen to take nurse, health workers from Bangladesh

Canada expressed willingness to take nurses and health workers from Bangladesh as Canadian High Commissioner Lilly Nicholls called on Health Minister Dr Samanta Lal Sen at his office today (7 February).

During the meeting, the Canadian High Commissioner discussed various issues related to the health sector, including the establishment of a world class nurse teacher training centre in Bangladesh.

Regarding the proposal, the health minister assured the Canadian high commissioner that Bangladesh has a sufficient number of skilled nurses and doctors.

“Bangladesh currently has 95,000 well-educated nurses capable of contributing to the healthcare systems of any nation worldwide. However, to enhance their efficiency and make them world-class, proper training is essential. For this, we need skilled trainers.”

The minister also appreciated the Canadian government’s initiative to establish a world class teachers training centre in Bangladesh.He also informed that the Bangladesh government has initiated various plans to modernise the nursing profession.
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